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Menstrual Pains

10 Reasons Why Your Menstrual Flow May Be Late or Irregular

Dear ladies, let's talk. Have you recently been worried about your menstrual cycle and how it usually comes late? Do you always think you...

Nigeria: Oncologists Seek Improved Cancer Care, Treatment, Statistics

Oncologits have called on the need to place more emphasis on childhood cancer even as the country is yet to have statistics on the...

Are You Experiencing the Inability to Climax During Sex? Here’s Why

Have you ever experienced difficulty in reaching orgasm during sex? Do you sometimes have to fake an orgasm in order to make your partner...
celebrity halloween

25+5 Celebrity Couples Costumes You Should Totally Steal for Halloween This Year

Halloween is only two months away, which means you need to start thinking about costume ideas for the spooky festival. If you are going...

NCDs silently killing Africans — WHO

The 68th session of the World Health Organisation/ Africa Region, WHO/AFRO, meeting held in Dakar, Senegal with a call on all Member states to...
Christina Carlin-Kraft

Christina Carlin-kraft's Muderer Caught

Recently, we posted that the play boy model Christina Carlin-Kraft was murdered in her apartment and the person who murdered her was unknown. Now...
Waist Beads

Why Every Female Should Wear Waist Beads?

Most people wonder some ladies most especially the African women and ladies wear waist beads. Some even think that it may be a form...
Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance

Hearing aids help those with auditory problems hear the world around them. But just like any other investment, these devices require special maintenance and...

Runner’s High: The Cannabis Connection

Runners, athletes, and regular folk alike often endure long, tedious workouts. Sometimes, far distances and lengthy routines become daunting, and even boring. Many pass...
foreign language syndrome

Foreign Accent Syndrome: What Is Foreign Language Syndrome?

Growing up, I admired people with British and French accents because of how exotic they spoke. It appears that some people even pay to...
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