8 ways to Lose Weight without Breaking a Sweat

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Whenever we see a person who has a flat stomach, the first thing that comes to our mind is the painstaking effort that person would have done to get in shape. However, thanks to the ever-evolving age of technology, several methods have been devised over the years that could make you lean without breaking a sweat.

Thus, if you don’t have the temper to go to the gym and try out the conventional methods, you’ve landed at the right place.

Here are top 8 ways to lose weight without breaking a sweat …
Lose Weight

Take Vitamin D

According to a Study that was carried out by “British Journal of Nutrition”,. Stephen Gullo, people who had the deficiency of Vitamin D lost weight more slowly than any of their counterparts. Now, the first question that might come to our mind is the source of Vitamin D. Well, you just have to step outside the front door as Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D.


In addition to giving you a flat stomach with few calories, swimming has the ability to tone your body. During swimming, the entire body is in motion which breaks the fats that are accumulated in our belly. As a result, while on one end our stomach gets flat, our muscles also get stronger.

Don’t Go hungry for too long

In all your life, you might have met people who went on “hunger strike” but still came up with nothing but increased attractiveness towards food. Well, diet is a good thing but starving yourself isn’t. Thus, even if you are on a diet plan, it is highly recommended to take well-timed meals.

Before starting a meal, drink a glass of water

It might seem too simple, yet most of us ignore this principle that is as old as the human race. The concept behind this “principle” is simple: once your stomach is already filled with the liquid, you will resent eating more. As a result, you will deny the fats any chance of accumulating in your belly.

Chew a gum

While this method might not be as effective as any of the aforementioned, it still won’t tire you. When you’re grazing your mouth most of the time, a few calories are burned which is very good for your metabolism.


Laughing for 10-15 minutes a day burns around 50-calories, whereas, working at the treadmill for the amount of time double than that at a speed of 2km/hr. does the same. Thus, whether to laugh, be happy and get smart or to sweat, stress yourself and be smart. The choice is Yours!

Take your dinner, early and lightly

It’s been an old principle that you should breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a beggar. Ever wondered about the authenticity of this statement? Well, according to science, a healthy dinner would give you bad metabolism which would result in an increase of calories. Thus, the next time you go to your dinner, let it remain light.

Walk in the office

For a normal person who spends the 9 to 5 job every-day, this method could seem a bit difficult. However, if you take a close look, it isn’t that difficult until you’re working close to the border of your fiercest rival! Stop getting lunch on your office desk. Instead, walk to the place from where you would have got the lunch delivered the previous day. Walk to the coffee machine instead of asking the office boy. With these simple yet effective methods, you’ll be amazed to know how easily you could tamper with your habit.


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