5 Ways to Ease the Transition from Middle-Age to Old-Age

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The transition from middle-age to old-age will often happen in the blink of an eye. One moment you may be focused on your family and career and the next moment you will turning your attention to retirement and looming health issues. The golden-years are meant to be enjoyed, not plagued with legal, health and financial matters. If this sounds like your situation, here are five tips to make this transition as easy and stress-free as possible.
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1. Ramp Up Your Medical Care

Moving past the age of 55 or 60 will mean that your healthcare habits need to change drastically. Catching many of the most common medical issues in their earliest stages will prevent major problems later on, and this begins by scheduling at least 2 full checkups per year and not annual skipping oral and vision appointments.

2. Find Two Hobbies

One of the best pieces of advice that an older adult can take is to find two hobbies. The first hobby should stimulate them mentally and can be learning a new language or mastering a new skill such as woodworking. The second hobby should keep them active with options like hiking or dancing for 150 minutes of exercise per week. To help facilitate finding a new hobby visit health.howstuffworks.com.

3. Consider New Living Options Early On

Putting alternative living options off until they are absolutely necessary can be stressful for any family or couple. Instead, those making the transition into this period of their life may want to explore senior living options such as Crimson Ridge Meadows so that they can begin to more accurately preparing for the future.

4. Settle Legal Matters Sooner Rather Than Later

When retirement is becoming a real possibility, everyone should sit down and take a fresh look at any legal matters that need attending. No one wants to leave their family scrambling for answers if they are injured or passed away, and this means it is time to update the will as well as speak with a legal and financial adviser about what to expect in the coming years. If you are tech savvy, you can even visit such online resources as legalzoom.com to help sort out your legal matters.

5. Ask for Help

One of the most difficult things about aging is often simply asking for help. After years of working and raising a family, many are reluctant about asking family and friends for help when they need it. Often times pride sets in and we are simply resistant to asking for help. Unfortunately, struggling with medical or financial issues by oneself is a sure way to make this transition harder than it needs to be.

Studies continue to show that the retired demographic is not only growing, but more potential retirees are putting off important tasks such as taking a look at their investments. These five tips can help you or a loved one ease into this age without constantly worrying about health issues, living arrangements, or financial problems.

This article is for educative purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.


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