5 Surprising Ingredients That Help in Diabetes Control

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Most of us are sweet people. But, some of us are blessed with extra bits of sweetness that comes in the form of diabetes. While we are almost always found looking for something that satiates our sweet tooth without causing our blood sugar levels to spike, little do we focus on things that will help keep this sweetness in check.
Diabetes Control
For example, my father has diabetes. He is a man who exercises great control when it comes to eating anything sweet. While the rest of my family and I feel sad to see him deprive himself of sweetmeats, we find ourselves feeling guilty of chomping on these treats in his presence. That’s when I thought: instead of focussing on what people with diabetes should not eat, why can’t we talk about foods that people with diabetes CAN eat, and foods that keep it in check?
So, here you go. We have compiled seven amazing foods that you didn’t know would help keep your blood sugar levels well-behaved.

  1. Peanut Butter

Yes, that’s no mistake. Peanut butter is indeed known to be good for people with high blood sugar. We are obviously not talking about the canned and sweetened peanut butter that we use to enhance our daily bread, but the natural butter that you could even make at home. Packed with proteins, fibres, and oils essential to keep your body going, peanut butter is found to be more effective than just popping peanuts. It is known to keep you full for longer durations and has also been found to keep your blood sugar from spiralling out of control. Yay!

  1. Dark Chocolate

Now, you must be thinking that I have lost my head. Worry not, I haven’t. Be warned, I am not asking you to bite into milk chocolate or white chocolate. I am talking about dark chocolate, which, unlike its counterparts, can prevent your sugar levels from going north. Studies have found that dark chocolate increases your insulin sensitivity, reduces blood pressure, and works like magic on your blood vessels too. So, the next time you feel like eating chocolate, you know where your dark knight is!

  1. Onions and Garlic

They might be smelly, but they are excellent for taking care of your blood sugar levels. Apart from keeping your diabetes in control, onions and garlic also protect your heart, an organ that’s likely to get damaged if you have high blood sugar. Consuming onions and garlic increases hydrogen sulphide production in your body. This is known to reverse damage caused to the heart, open up the valves, and increase longevity. So, keep your mouth fresheners handy, because eating these smelly ingredients will go a long way in keeping you healthy.

  1. Cinnamon

This is yet another unusual ingredient when it comes to diabetes control. Cinnamon, often used to enhance flavour and add that pop of nuttiness and earthiness to dishes, is also an excellent way to keep diabetes under control. As per research, cinnamon is found to have reduced cholesterol by 18% and blood sugar levels by around 24%. That’s amazing!

  1. Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has magical qualities. Not just is it great for a host of other ailments, it works amazingly well to manage blood sugar too. Starch is one of the biggest enemies of diabetes, which is why beating diabetes is all about consuming something that can fight off the starch. If you are planning to eat starchy food, consume apple cider vinegar diluted in water just before your meal.
So, the next time you see someone with diabetes shy off sweets and crib about their ‘bitter’ life, show them this article and open a window of fresh air for them. Alright, you can thank us later!
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SuprajaSupraja is a homemaker and a full-time mom. Her interests lie in writing, healthy cooking, and kitchen gardening. She is a certified english professional from the University of Cambridge and also pursuing a course on fitness and nutrition. She is a regular contributor to www.Stylecraze.com , mscareergirl.com and writes to share her views on healthy practices and inspire readers to embrace a hassle free life.


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