5 Oft-Ignored Places to Clean Up To Avoid Potential Health Harm

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Your home seems so polished and you have a regular clean up schedule to make sure every corner of your house is kept free from germs. Yet, your family still gets sick for some unknown reasons. So you blame the restaurant food or the dirty door handles in public places.

But have you ever thought that perhaps, the problem is from your home itself? Yes, you may not be aware of it but there are places in your home that can cause germs and bacteria and these can potentially pose health risks to your family.

Yes, you read it right. There are places inside your home which you do not know can pose harm to the whole family. Take a look at some of the places which you often ignore cleaning but can cause sickness to your family.

Unclogged Your Dishwasher

Loading Dishwasher

Image By: m01229 (Flickr)

You may not know it but your trusted dishwasher can be a cause of harmful bacteria and germs that bring diseases to the whole family. Bacteria, viruses and parasites can form from rotten food debris and can transfer in your newly washed plates. This can cause food-borne illnesses specifically gastrointestinal tract infection.

Aside from clogged food debris, an unclean dishwasher can also develop soap scum and water deposits which can eventually cause mold formation. So make it sure to clean your dishwasher periodically. Unclog the dishwasher filter by removing stuck food particles. If you don’t want spend hours scrubbing, you may also use baking soda. You may also use heavy duty cleaning agent to make sure that no particles and molds will form inside your dishwasher.

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Assorted Medicines

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It may sound counterintuitive but your medicine cabinet can also cause sickness to your family. Expired and out of date medicines in your medicine cabinet can pose serious harm to family members, especially to kids. Cleaning out your medicine cabinet is essential so you won’t put your family in harm.

So what should you toss out of your medicine chest? Here are some of them.

  • Expired medicine.
  • Unexpired prescription drug (especially in syrup) but you no longer take. Prescription drugs in syrup or reconstituted drugs have shorter shelf life compared to tablets or capsules.
  • Empty bottles or almost empty bottles and meds with unreadable labels.
  • Unsealed medicines. These medicines may have been evaporated.

Moreover, you should make sure that your medicine cabinets is free from moisture and is placed in areas away from outdoor weather and bright windows. Oxygen, light and water can affect the efficiency of your meds or worse, it can even be health destructive.

Throw Pillows and Curtains

Hiding In A Throw Pillow

Image By: ambermb (Pixabay)

Throw pillows and curtains give your home a cozy and cool feeling. But what you didn’t know is that it can store dust, mites, pollen, molds, bacteria and even pests which can pose health threats to your family. Be sure to run vacuum attachment over your pillows especially when cleaning your living room. You also have to make sure that you get a periodic schedule on removing and washing throw pillow covers and curtains.

Don’t Forget Sneaky Areas of Your Fridge

Checking The Fridge

Image By: Greatist

Your fridge is your go-to place whenever you are looking for food at home. But did you know that your refrigerator’s drawers and trays can keep nasty germs? These germs can get into your food and when eaten can cause sickness.

Your refrigerator can carry indoor pollutants which may cause a phlegmy cough. Older versions of refrigerators have electric coils in freezers that melt frost every few hours, they store drips into a pan and when this water evaporates through fridge compressors, dust is left behind and blown into your home.  Coils also need to be dusted. You can check manuals on how to clean your machine to make sure you won’t miss the spot.

Also, liquid and food spills can cause mold and microorganism formation which can cause infection. So make it a habit to clean up your fridge regularly to avoid microorganisms from forming.

Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Baby With Vacuum

Image By: Aqua Mechanical (Flickr)

Have you ever wonder why your kids seem to have frequent allergies even if they stay mostly at home and you watch what they eat? Your vacuum cleaner is also a culprit in spewing allergens in the air so whenever you are using your vacuum cleaner, make sure to clean out the dusty filter after use.

Do not just leave the dust inside the filter because chances are it will pile up with continuous use and damage your filter. When the filter is damage, it reduces its suctioning capability leaving allergens behind and it works harder in filtering air particles before blowing out the air. Thus, it only blows back particulates in your home which can cause allergies and worse, it can cause asthma attacks.

You may not know it but some bacteria-causing dirt, viruses, molds and germs can be lurking in your home and you cannot see it in your naked eye. Microorganisms can quietly build up in the most unexpected places. So make sure that you look at every place in your house. Make sure that every corner is in tip top shape so your family can live a healthy and happy life.

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