3 Simple Workouts for Absolute Beginners

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Have you ever encountered a time where you just literally drop everything like “No, I’m never doing this again” because I did. It was during that time where I was trying to be fit but it seems like I am not progressing, like there was no visible results to brag about.

The bad thing is, this fitness slump dragged on for a whole year. And when I realized it, it was too late, I gained a few pounds, I can no longer do the things I usually do easily and I am out of breath just climbing a few floors, THREE FLOORS! And I am already panting, my knees were about to give out on me, it was like a slap in my face saying, “girl what have you been doing?”  In that instant, I decided this can’t go on. I have to at least be able to climb from the ground floor to the 5th (the office is located on the 10th floor) without panting like crazy.

I took a really big step getting back into fitness, the adrenalin rush pushing me to work harder and my whole body respond horribly, every single muscle screamed pain telling me I did another wrong thing and that if I continue an injury isn’t a surprise at all, adrenalin won’t cut it, you have to be prepared body and mind.

Yoga Exercises:


First, you have to condition your mind not to give up again no matter the results may be. I found a lot of very helpful yoga tutorials for beginners on YouTube, but it is still best advised to enroll in a yoga class where a professional can guide you in terms of changing from one yoga position to another as well as if you are doing your positions correctly. Also, with a professional within reach, injuries can be prevented not to mention the ambiance a yoga class gives where other yogi’s encourage each other in taking the healthy path.

Another good thing about yoga is that, it is a form of exercise recommended to those who doesn’t have an experience with working out as it slowly builds your stamina, stretches your body, tones your muscles and relaxes the mind. Yoga also has a lot of forms and functions depending on what you want without spending huge amount for equipment’s or sports gears, you only need a good yoga mat and of course who does yoga without those comfy yoga pants.

Cardio Exercises:

Cardio Exercises

The next step after building your stamina is to increase it even more. Cardio exercises are good for the heart plus you are not required to sign up to a gym membership or buy an exercise machine to do this.

Take a walk or jog using a treadmill or better yet, around the neighborhood (well depends on your mood and the weather), if you love nature you can take a hike or bike around, you can also use a stationary bike. Dancing is also a great options (Zumba anyone) to further increase your stamina and lose some pounds.

Strength Training:

Strength Training

Now that you have acquire the mentality as well as the stamina needed to be able to continue your fitness journey, the next thing you have to do is to tone your muscles. Sure your able to maintain a positive attitude when it comes to your fitness, you can also see a few inches being shred off your waistline, then you probably notice those nasty flab’s hanging on your arms, on your tummy or legs and the only thing to eliminate those extra skin is to tone your muscle by strength training which includes lifting, toning and ab workout.

Video tutorials are available on YouTube, Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks offers great video’s for beginners, there are also a lot of resources on how to start strength training but most professionals still advice to seek help from licensed professional’s or sign up to a good gym where there are people who really knows what to do.

Author Bio:

Jae RustiaJae Rustia is a fashion junkie by day and a reader by night. She’s usually on Youtube watching makeup video tutorials and yoga for beginners or browsing The Upside Sport for the latest sport wear trend. Find her on Twitter @JaeRustia

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