3 Major Approaches Used in Sex Therapy


A sex therapist can provide support to a couple at the same time or a person who is on their own. There are many problems which can arise because of sex. Someone can be addicted to it or they might have paid for sex. A husband or wife might have had an affair which could be tearing apart their marriage. A therapist can be found on a therapy directory which profiles a considerable number of professionals that are in a particular area.
Sex Therapy
There are many approaches which can be used during sex therapy:


If a man cannot keep an erection or a woman is unable to reach orgasm, there might be many issues in their past which are preventing them from doing so. Either partner might have been abused as a child which is affecting their enjoyment of sex. By addressing these issues, they can find closure and their sex life can improve.

Current issues

Stress can play a huge role in how enjoyable sex is. If they haven’t had a partner for a long time, a person who is single might not be able to express themselves sexually. By addressing these issues, they can be overcome.


Even if a husband apologized to his wife for committing adultery, this can affect their sex life because he will still feel very guilty. The same applies to a person who has had a sexual disease – they might be ashamed even though they no longer have an STI. When guilt isn’t a problem anymore, sex can be enjoyed.
If any of these issues apply, help should be sought from a therapist. Why not refer to a directory for more information?