10 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Getting Rid of Acne

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Acne Vulgaris or commonly known as Acne is a common skin condition, seen mainly in youngsters, which results in spots. One can face mild to severe acne problem. It majorly affects the skin of your face, back, shoulder and chest. 8 out of 10 people face acne problem once in their life and it mainly occurs during the age of 11 to 30. It is not contagious and doesn’t harm anyone else in the surrounding.

Symptoms of acne

If you have greasy and oily skin, mild or moderate acne can erupt. Red, yellow spots can form on the skin which may be swollen and inflamed. They can also become painful or tender to touch and hot. In severe acne problem, many cysts join together to form a large deep inflamed area which is quite rare.

Causes of acne & skin problems

The main cause of acne is puberty in men and women which produce certain hormones such as testosterone, etc. This increases the production of sebum on the skin making it oily and greasy which encourages the eruption of acne. This is one of the main reasons teenagers develop acne more. The other reason of developing acne can be stress.

Apart from that, your body may be very sensitive to the effects of testosterone which may also aggravate acne. If you are a female, hormonal changes before menstrual cycle trigger acne. There is a chance that acne problem runs in the family, for example, if both the parents have had acne you may have an increased chance of having it too. Other causes of acne may include conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome, oily cosmetic products, and medicine such as anabolic steroids, steroid creams, ointment, and lithium.

Mistakes You Should Avoid Aware about & Avoid Completely!

Here are few mistakes we all tend to make which increases the growth of acne:


Junk Food

Research has suggested that our diet is a very crucial factor in increasing acne on our skin. The wrong type of food aggravates acne. It is very important for us to maintain a healthy diet. Dairy products and sugar products are the main culprits in producing hormones in the body that increase acne. Milk and sugar have a very significant impact on the growth of acne. Nutritional deficiencies also result in worsening acne problem. It is very important to correct the deficiencies in our body. To fight against acne intake of Omega 3, anti-inflammatory fats, low-level antioxidants such as Vitamin E, zinc, vitamin A are very important. To fight acne, a perfect balanced healthy diet will help us stay away from pimples and acne.



Use of a lot of cosmetics hampers the skin. A lot of cosmetics tend to close the pores of the skin which worsens the acne. It is advisable to use water based cosmetics and moreover homemade herbal products for the skin which would help in treating acne and decreasing them. Excess use of cosmetics can cause fissures and cracks on the skin too along with the clogging of skin pores. By avoiding chemical based cosmetics you can help your skin breathe.


Stress developing Acne

Stress hormones are believed to worsen acne. Some steroid hormone is said to release at stressful times increasing our acne problem. It is believed that college students during exams get more of acne rather than normal study times. Exams increase the stress resulting in activated acne problem. It is very important for us to keep our stress in control by exercising and meditating. This would give us shiny, glowing skin.


Sunburn Stimulates Acne

Exposure of our skin to the sun for a very long period of time continuously increases the skin’s oil production resulting in clogging of our pores. This makes us more susceptible to acne. It is very important to fight sunburn by using the right kind of sunscreen. Sunscreens should not be oil-based and rather be alcohol based to protect our skin from acne.

Hair and Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

Products that are used for hair care often aggravate acne as well as hair also. The oils present in the hair products can harm our skin highly. This may result in aggravated acne problem on the face chest back and forehead. Continuous and heavy use of shampoo and oily conditioner increases acne problem.


Tight Bra Straps Increases Acne

The wrong kind of clothes can increase acne problem to the fullest. Some wrongly worn clothes that increase acne are as follows-

  1. Carrying a backpack which would apply constant pressure and rubbing on the back and shoulder would increase acne.
  2. Wearing the bra straps tight leads to heavy irritation resulting in acne problem on the shoulders.
  3. Wearing sweaty clothes for a very long time, for example, not changing after a workout or gumming can leave lead to heavy acne.
  4. Clothes which are very clingy and do not let air pass through it tend to increase acne over a period of time.
  5. If you don’t use the right kind of detergent to clean your clothes it would remain dirty and dusty this mess would aggravate acne on your chest.

Phone and Bluetooth

Smartphone Bluetooth Mobile Headset Wireless

If your skin is allergic to metal particularly nickel you will see aggravated acne problem. If you use your mobile phone or Bluetooth for long hours the metal can cause patches of irritation. Your stomach can also be affected because of the belt buckle or the button of the jeans. Keep a check on the time of using your phone. Avoid using it at night times.

Supplements and medication

Dietary Supplements

Studies show that artificial vitamin supplements cause acne. If you have a sensitive and acne prone skin, supplements that are taken for the wellness of the body can aggravate growth of acne. It is very important to understand that supplements and medications can trigger acne but they are not the main cause of acne.


Your Pets

Pets are the best companions you can have. Their paws, teeth, and fur can trigger acne. They show their love by licking and pawing us. This love can be very dangerous in terms of aggravating your acne as the critters that they carry on their fur may make you sick which would result in a nasty rash on your skin.

Your partner

Your partner

Your partner can cause beard burn when it is rubbed to your cheek. It tends to irritate the delicate facial skin causing rashes to the skin as well as triggering acne problem. Acne can also be transferred because of facial sweat and dirt when to skins come in contact with each other. It is very important for you and your partner to keep your skin clean and clear while coming in physical contact with each other. This would help in avoiding skin and acne problem.

Acne can be a long-term as well as short term skin condition which occurs when the skin cells get clogged because of the oil produced by the skin. There can be many causes of acne but proper care, lifestyle changes, medications and medical procedures with a balanced and healthy diet can help you take care and manage acne problems.


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